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A Quarter of Successful Deliverables

July 1, 2022

Message from the President of the Board

“We have great plans to elevate the growth of the business and have envisioned a great future, for our customers and the firm.”

A Quarter of successful deliverables

Sustaining the great start of the year right through the second quarter, we focused on delivering positive results despite a shift in the market. Our strategic business plan, combined with our innovative products, helped us ride past the turbulent market, attracting new investors and boosting positive net flow in the business.

In light of maintaining a great relationship with our partners, RC Celta visited us for three days with prominent team and management members in attendance. The discussions included future strategy and development of the partnership. We continue upholding our associations with other partners in the same manner and have additional plans with them later in the year.

Driving success to our business and our employees, we carried through our vision of further advancing our team in the investment front by empowering them through education. As we strongly believe that investing in human capital is essential for organizational growth, we organized in coalition with the renowned Harvard Business School, a certified training course on Alternative Investments, allowing us a great win in the marketplace.

Focusing on the trends in the market, blockchain technology is at all time high. There is still a lot of unchecked boxes and questions marks, but without any doubt with proper implementation and proper guidelines in place, the technology has the potential to revolutionize the economic landscape on a global scale. Like any General Purpose Technology – GPT, it takes time to adopt and adapt. NFT’s are taking off at a quick pace, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing is making a big mark in the industry, Artificial Intelligence has every possibility of becoming the century’s most influential industry, and the Metaverse could be the next big investment opportunity. It is indeed safe to say expect the unexpected.

Finally, I am delighted to share with you that last month, AIX Investment Group was the proud recipient of another award, the “International Investor Award” for the Best Investment Advisory Firm for the MENA region, 2022.

As we move to the second half of the year, we have great plans to elevate the growth of the business and have envisioned a great future, for our customers and the firm.

Floor 144 – A New Office Overlooking Dubai

With the firm’s growth, to help improve its functionality and house the growing team at AIX Investment Group, a new floor was added to its office in Dubai. The office space spreads across the 144th floor of Burj Khalifa featuring sleek minimalistic interiors designed by an eminent design firm in the UAE. The view from the floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious areas is breathtaking. The office includes a rare attribute of the high-rise floors of Burj Khalifa, a large terrace overlooking the beautiful city of Dubai.

Jersey Reveal from the Top of the World

RC Celta revealed its second jersey for the next season at the AIX Investment Group office in Dubai. Themed with their latest campaign, “Back to Black” they are going back to a black jersey once again. Players of the team sported a similar jersey back in the 2017/2018 Season. It features attractive new renditions in gold, and among the other sponsors, the AIX Investment Group logo is in gold on the left sleeve.

Transformation and Gaming, Reda Bouraoui

Have you been contemplating getting onto the tokens and metaverse bandwagon? Reda Bouraoui, one of our valued investors who is a C-level executive and an alumnus of Harvard Business School, writes a series of intellectual, and insightful articles on blockchain technology. Here’s a glimpse of one of his trending articles on Transformation and Gaming.

Get used to the concept of “MONEY FOR EVERYTHING”. Our future is being tokenized. Tech revolutions are not new. Look at how Web2 played a transformation role over the past 20 years. As an example, it killed the CD market, it killed as well the mp3 market and put music streaming (Apple, Spotify, …) where it is today. At the same time, it simply transformed the economics of the industry; removing the royalties of the artists from selling CDs (which used to represent 90% of the income of the music artists) to being replaced by the streaming revenues and some merchandising.

Read further at

AIX MVP of the Season 2021/2022

Iago Aspas, a key player of RC Celta, was named MVP of the season for his remarkable performance in the 2021/2022 Season. He played 37 matches and scored 18 goals during the season. Iago Aspas was awarded the title to recognize his impressive consistency and influence in La Liga.

Thriving Partnership

Members of RC Celta – the La Liga Santander team – visited Dubai from the 23rd to 26th May 2022, after yet another remarkable season. Prominent players Iago Aspas, Fran Beltran, Joseph Aidoo and official members were present. As the official sponsor of RC Celta, the purpose of the visit was to reinforce award
partnership, reveal the new season’s jersey and the MVP of the season. The eventful three days included discussions on the future strategy and growth of the partnership. AIX Investment Group became the official sponsor of RC Celta early last year and is proud of its impact on sports through this strategic alliance.

A Great Season for Fursan Hispania FC

Fursan Hispania FC emerged as the winners of the UAE Second Division League 2021/2022. After their final match against La Liga HPC, the club was named the League Champions and awarded a trophy. In the coming season starting early September, Fursan Hispania will compete in the UAE First Division League 2022/2023 and the UAE President’s Cup. As the main sponsor, AIX Investment Group is proud of the club’s success.

Financial Advisors Advance in their Mastery

Adding another accreditation to their portfolios the team of Financial Advisors at AIX were certified by the Harvard Business School in Alternative Investments. It was an intensive and effective course that lasted over five weeks, with weekly tests to examine the team’s understanding of the subject. On successful completion, 54 employees were awarded a certificate. This initiative was taken by the management of AIX, to improve the team’s knowledge of the evolving market and trends, ensuring the best service to the firm’s clientele.

“You will never know true freedom until you achieve financial freedom.” – Robert Kiyosaki