AIX Racing: AIX Investment Group announces full acquisition of F2, F3 motorsport teams

May 13, 2024

AIX Investment Group proudly announces its complete acquisition of the Formula 2 and Formula 3 teams, marking a significant stride in our pursuit of motorsport excellence. This strategic move solidifies our commitment to innovation, performance, and global impact, as we propel these teams into a new era under the banner of AIX Racing.

Formerly known as PHM AIX Racing, AIX Racing embodies the fusion of AIX Investment Group’s financial proficiency with the racing expertise of the Formula 2 and Formula 3 teams. This transition signifies not just a change in ownership, but a strategic alignment aimed at setting new standards of achievement both on and off the track.

At AIX Investment Group, we are dedicated to empowering dreams, both in motorsport and beyond. Our ethos revolves around providing the resources and support necessary for individuals and teams to realize their full potential and achieve greatness. Through initiatives like ‘We Are The Future’, our partnership vertical focused on shaping a better tomorrow, we strive to inspire and enable the pursuit of dreams across diverse fields and industries.

With a steadfast focus on excellence, innovation, and global impact, AIX Racing is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of motorsport. As the motorsport community eagerly anticipates the next race at Imola from May 17 to 19, there is palpable excitement surrounding AIX Racing’s debut under their new identity. This milestone event marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for the team as they compete solely as AIX Racing, symbolizing a fresh start and renewed dedication to motorsport excellence. AIX Racing accelerates towards new heights of success, guided by our unwavering commitment to empowering dreams.