Digital Assets – Shaping the Future of Investment?

December 16, 2020

Blockchain and Digital Assets are becoming the go-to technologies for everything from improving supply chains to improving governmental systems, so how can it make the difference to financial institutions?

If you believe that the digital world doesn’t concern you, and live by the ‘old belief’ keeping money in a sock, you are 10 years behind. Over the last ten years, we have seen blockchain gaining ground in financial services. Financial institutions are starting to see the technology’s power to provide robust and regulation-grade infrastructure, supporting the digital transformation of traditional financial assets and processes.

Digital world has become the investment target #1. The key benefit of investing in Digital Assets is the ability to generate a two figure profit they so often provide to investors.

Let’s take an example how all the world is watching Bitcoin now. The largest Digital Asset by market capitalization, fell to a fresh monthly low on Wednesday as it slipped beneath $18,000. However the Bulls were quick to react, and stalled any fresh low for the month. The monthly low of November stands at $17,656 which is still critical for this bull run.

While recent losses should not go unnoticed, consolidation may be healthy given that Bitcoin trades narrowly beneath record levels and has surged more than 155% in the year-to-date.

There are cases to be made for both bullish and bearish sides of it, but the dominant trend remains higher – albeit recent losses have put it at risk. That being said, a break beneath the November lows would amount to a serious technical blow and could open the door to further losses.

From a technical point of view the dip looks like the wave 4 and is in progress. The support of wave 4 (November Low between 17,000- 16,500) should prove strong enough to cause a bullish reversal and the beginning of wave 5. Then, wave 5 is likely to lift Bitcoin to a new record between $21,000 and $22,000.

Once we reach a new all-time high everyone must decide for themselves if the risk of chasing the last move up is worth the risk.

Investing in Digital Assets requires a different belief system. Digital Assets are not just an investment, it’s a belief system. And that foundation will allow you to develop a new tolerance level for “very low” lows and potentially “very high highs”.

Digital era is transforming the finance and wealth management, impacting all segments of life. It does not exclude anyone, so why stay behind and tap in place?

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