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The Wealthy, Get Wealthier?

December 1, 2020

Let’s get into the basic understanding of why investing is something that everyone should consider, working from 9 to 6 just to get by with your life and for many is hardly paying the bills, especially during those critical times. Humans by nature have tendency to avoid things they don’t understand, but worse is the fact to miss out on the opportunities unfolded.

If you want to build wealth and financial stability, investing is what will get you there. Investing is something that everyone should do. There are so many benefits of investing that it makes no sense not to get started.

Just to name a few reasons:

First, you stay ahead of inflation; if you don’t invest and grow your money, you will actually end up losing money over time. This is all thanks to inflation. Inflation is the general increase in prices that happens every year and the decline in purchasing power of your money. The rate of inflation can vary widely but historically inflation has averaged to around 3%.

Second, Investing Will Help You Build Wealth; we think this should go without saying, but we are going to say it anyway: Investing is how you build wealth. There are hundred ways to invest and grow your money. If you are serious about building wealth, then you need to create an investment plan that suits you and your goals. The wealthy invest, the broke do not.

Third, Investing Will Get You to Retirement or Early Retirement; in order to have enough money to retire you need to make your money work for you. Leaving your money sitting idle will actually work against you! The more you invest the more you will be able to take advantage of the power of compound interest. Compound interest is what happens when your interest starts earning interest.

Fourth, Investing helps you meet other financial goals; you can also consider investing to help grow your money to meet other financial goals or achieve long-term financial dreams. For example, build a nest egg for retirement, repay your mortgage early or pay university fees for your children.

There are many benefits of investing. If you want to create financial stability, grow your wealth, and stay on track for retirement you need to come up with an investing plan that suits your needs.

At AIX Investment Group we have a range of investments that can provide you with regular income that meets your financial goals, for you and those you care about.

Tailor to your changing needs – You along one of our Financial Advisors can design your investment portfolio to achieve different goals as you go through life, e.g. you may prefer safer options as you get older. With careful planning you can tailor your portfolio to reflect your changing goals and priorities.

If you plan on investing over a long time period, you may want to invest in one of our product that have growth potential, If you are approaching retirement, you may want to invest in more income-focused options.

AIX Investment Group has various investment products suitable for different risk/reward appetite, so you can create the right portfolio for your financial goals. Invest to fit your financial circumstances. As your financial circumstances change over time, you can change how you invest to suit your needs. You can invest lump sums as and when you can, or smaller regular amounts in a tailored investment plan. If you have the money available, you can start investing straight away. The sooner you invest, the longer your investment can grow. Alternatively, investing on a regular basis can help iron out fluctuations in the capital market, particularly in a volatile market.

Our investment options let you top-up your investments whenever you like. Also, you can diversify into different products whenever you want. Reach out to us and we will do the rest.