AIX Investment Group Powers Corporate Innovation and Strength in the World of FIA Formula

January 10, 2024

AIX Investment Group launches PHM AIX Racing to drive innovation and shared values in FIA Formula motorsport, leveraging strategic partnerships for philanthropic initiatives and impactful achievements on and off the track globally.

“We Are The Future”, the impact-driven partnership vertical of AIX Investment Group, strengthens its commitment to innovation and global reach through a strategic collaboration with the newly launched PHM AIX Racing Formula teams.

PHM AIX Racing’s reach across multiple FIA Formula series fosters a comprehensive ecosystem for budding motorsport stars. Taylor Barnard took the team’s first victory in the F4UAE 2022 in just the fourth race of the team’s history.

From the launchpad of F4 and FRMEC where rookies like Maksimillian Popov hone their skills, and the exhilarating competition of F3, to the challenges of ACI F4, they provide diverse proving grounds for talent to flourish. Their pinnacle lies in Formula 2, where experienced drivers like Joshua Duerksen, and rising stars push the limits, aiming for the ultimate prize of a Formula 1 seat. Adding to this commitment, their partnership with Euro 4 ignites the passion for racing at the grassroots level. This diversified portfolio allows PHM AIX Racing to nurture talent at every step, shaping the future of FIA Formula competition from the very inception.

With AIX Investment Group as co-owner of PHM AIX Racing, the combined team proudly embodies the core values and driving principles of “We Are The Future”. This partnership and the synergy it provides promise to propel both entities towards impactful achievements both on and off the track. “PHM AIX Racing exemplifies our relentless pursuit of excellence and constant strategic innovation,” explains Morne Reinecke, Director of AIX Strategic Partnerships. “This partnership provides a powerful platform on the Global stage to showcase our shared dedication to pushing boundaries and driving positive and sustainable change, both in motorsport and beyond.”

In a landmark collaboration, AIX Investment Group proudly welcomes Alex Wurz, Austrian former F1 driver and two-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner, as strategic advisor. His unparalleled experience and insight will propel our motorsport ambitions while amplifying the positive impact of “We Are The Future” initiatives globally. Alex states, “This isn’t just about checkered flags; it’s about shaping a future where racing fuels progress, development and empowers communities.”

When I first met the AIX team it was immediately clear to me that they shared my passion for motorsport and my vision for what our team could achieve. Their love for the sport combined with the new partnership will allow us to accelerate our journey to victory. Not only with funding but also with world-class advisors. I expect their contribution to show not only in our striking new livery but also in results already in 2024.” asserts Paul H Muller, PHM Founder.

“We Are The Future” invites everyone to join this transformative journey. Whether cheering on PHM AIX Racing as they navigate the circuit or contributing to the organization’s diverse philanthropic initiatives, every individual can become a catalyst for positive change.

Embrace the future. Partner with “We Are The Future” by AIX Investment Group.
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