Seizing Opportunities

April 10, 2024

Message from the President of the Board 

“Embracing Opportunity in a Bullish Market”

Dear Esteemed Clients and Colleagues,

As we reflect on the conclusion of the first quarter of 2024, I am thrilled to share our achievements and outlook. The past three months have been defined by remarkable growth, strategic positioning and a spirit of innovation that sets us apart.

Amid a bullish market environment, our organization has not only weathered the storm but has flourished. Our ability to adapt, innovate and capitalize on emerging opportunities has been instrumental in our success. From navigating market fluctuations to seizing new avenues for growth, we have demonstrated resilience and agility at every turn.

I am pleased to report that our financial performance reflects the strength of our strategic vision and the dedication of our team. Despite the dynamic nature of the market, we have delivered robust results, surpassing expectations and solidifying our position as a leader in our industry.

Moreover, our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity has been a driving force behind our success. By harnessing emerging technologies, exploring new markets and delivering exceptional experiences, we have not only met but exceeded the evolving needs and expectations of our customers.

Looking ahead, we are poised to capitalize on the opportunities that lie before us. The potential for growth and expansion is greater than ever and we are fully committed to seizing every opportunity to drive sustainable value creation and long-term success.

To our clients, I extend my sincere gratitude for your continued support and confidence in our vision. Your trust in our capabilities fuels our ambition and propels us forward as we embark on this exciting journey of growth and innovation.

To our dedicated staff, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your hard work, passion and unwavering commitment to excellence. Your contributions are the backbone of our success and I am truly grateful for your unwavering dedication and resilience.

As we look to the future, let us embrace the opportunities that unfold ahead of us with optimism, determination and a shared sense of purpose. Together, I am confident that we will continue to achieve new heights and redefine what is possible in the months and years ahead.

Thank you for your continued partnership and commitment to our shared success.

Warm regards,
Fadi Dabbagh
President of the Board

Elevating Impact

Being located on the 146th floor of the Burj Khalifa —standing among the distinguished few corporate offices in the world’s tallest tower — is something that many businesses would love to tout as part of their DNA.

But for financial services firm, AIX, this has been their home for several years now and they do not only have a bird’s eye view of one of the world’s most important business centres, but they’ve also developed an understanding of the region’s unique markets and dynamics.

Ever since establishing itself in Dubai, AIX has become one of the big-name investment advisory firms here where GCC and global investors turn to invest their wealth.

Strong growth in the GCC markets has helped firms such as AIX tap new investor markets. According to the World Bank’s new Global Economic Prospects report the UAE’s real GDP is expected to grow by 3.4 per cent in 2023, rising to 3.7 per cent in 2024 and to 3.8 per cent in 2025.

Some forecasts, such as those from the rating agency S&P, have gone as far as to suggest that the UAE will grow by 5 per cent in 2024. However, AIX has a wider ambit than just the UAE as the company also has a presence in Zurich.

“We currently cater to a diverse range of markets globally, leveraging Dubai as a hub and gateway to connect with investors from various regions. Our strategic presence in Zurich has facilitated access to a broad audience. We remain committed to our expansion trajectory to further grow our reach and impact.

While specific details on upcoming markets are proprietary at this time, our overarching goal is to continue extending our services to new regions and strengthening our global presence,” says Fadi Dabbagh, President of the Board of AIX. In many ways, the investment advisory firm has kept its approach minimalist and to the point by primarily focusing on providing just two products in the market.

The first is the AIX Bond offering that touts an 18 per cent annual yield, a fixed quarterly coupon rate of 4.5 per cent, and a 36-month maturity period. The other key offering that AIX has in the market is dubbed its ‘Property Secure Investment’ offering, which the company says allows investors to achieve rental returns from 14 up to 20 per cent at pre-established dates and paid directly to investors’ beneficiary accounts.

This product exists amid a backdrop where the real estate market in cities such as Dubai has been on a tear.

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Beyond the FATF Grey List

The removal of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from the FATF grey list marks a significant milestone for the country, bringing forth several benefits. Firstly, it enhances the UAE’s reputation as a reliable and transparent financial hub, boosting investor confidence and attracting foreign investment. This removal signifies the UAE’s commitment to combating money laundering and terrorist financing, strengthening its position as a responsible member of the global financial community. Additionally, it simplifies international financial transactions for businesses operating in the UAE, reducing compliance burdens and facilitating smoother cross-border transactions. Overall, this achievement underscores the UAE’s dedication to upholding international standards in financial regulation and contributes to its continued economic growth and stability.

Navigating the Waves of Finance and Luxury 

From February 28th to March 3rd, AIX Investment Group showcased its expertise and innovation at the prestigious Dubai International Boat Show at Dubai Harbour. As the main exhibitor and VIP Lounge partner, AIX Investment Group connected with industry leaders, enthusiasts and potential collaborators.

The event, renowned as one of the world’s premier marine exhibitions, provided a platform for companies to showcase cutting-edge technology, luxury yachts and marine equipment. AIX Investment Group’s main stand (MLL 01) reflected sophistication and contemporary design, showcasing its commitment to excellence and innovation. Highlighting its partnership vertical, “We Are the Future,” AIX Investment Group displayed two Formula 2 cars from PHM Racing, capturing attention and engaging visitors and industry insiders.

Over five days, AIX Investment Group engaged with a diverse audience, solidifying its position as an industry leader in investment and innovation. The Dubai International Boat Show 2024 demonstrated the company’s commitment to excellence and its vision for the future. AIX Investment Group emerged as a symbol of innovation and creativity, pushing boundaries with unparalleled expertise, global presence and commitment to excellence.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Champions  

The AIX Investment Group Dubai Intercontinental Football Cup U13 2024 showcased young football talent from around the world in a thrilling tournament held from March 1st to 3rd. The event commenced with a press conference on February 29th, featuring football icons Michel Salgado and Edgar Davids, setting the stage for an exciting competition. The final day saw the presence of Andrés Iniesta, adding prestige to the event.

Teams like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Fursan Hispania FC, Al Nasar, Al Wasl, Shabab Al Ahli, and others participated with enthusiasm, delivering captivating performances. Ultimately, Real Madrid emerged victorious, demonstrating exceptional skill and teamwork. The tournament not only showcased young talent but also highlighted the global popularity of football, providing a platform for cultural exchange and camaraderie among teams from diverse backgrounds.

Central to the event was AIX’s partnership initiative, “We Are the Future,” aimed at nurturing young talent. Through this initiative, AIX reaffirms its commitment to supporting the development of young athletes and fostering a culture of excellence in sports. The Intercontinental Football Cup reflects AIX’s dedication to investing in the future of football and empowering the next generation of athletes.

Strengthening Bonds in the Pursuit of Polo 

AIX Investment Group proudly extends its partnership with the Mahra Polo Team, under the leadership of patron Tariq Al Habtoor, for the prestigious Gold Cup 2024. This ongoing collaboration underscores our dedication to UAE polo and local sporting talent, alongside our esteemed partner Rashid Khalaf Al Habtoor. With a reputation for innovative strategies, AIX was privileged to support the Mahra Polo Team in their quest for victory at the Gold Cup 2024.

Driving Towards Victory

Exciting news from the world of motorsport!
PHM AIX Racing, proudly represented by AIX Investment Group, made its debut in Formula 2 and Formula 3 at the Bahrain International Circuit, displaying determination and enthusiasm. Despite fierce competition, our drivers showcased skill and resilience, setting the stage for exhilarating races. As we prepare for the next challenge in Jeddah, we remain committed to supporting our team and drivers as they chase their dreams in motorsport.

At the scenic Jeddah Corniche Circuit, PHM AIX Racing continued to shine in Formula 2, with Taylor Barnard and Joshua Dufek displaying remarkable improvement. Looking ahead to Round 3 in Melbourne, Australia, at the iconic Albert Park Circuit, we eagerly anticipate more success as AIX Investment Group pushes the boundaries of excellence in motorsport.

In Melbourne, PHM AIX Racing achieved a commendable performance in the FIA Formula 2 and FIA Formula 3 Championship. Nikita Bedrin secured the team’s first points of the season, marking a significant milestone in our continuous progress and determination. Following Melbourne, the team gears up for the next thrilling round at Imola from May 17th to 19th. Stay tuned for more thrilling races ahead as we strive for success in the upcoming rounds!

Unveiling Talent on the Track

Charlie Wurz’s journey in the FIA Formula 3 Championship with Jenzer Motorsport is nothing short of remarkable. Despite encountering challenges on the track, Charlie’s unwavering determination and commitment shine brightly. With each race, he pushes himself to new limits, demonstrating his potential as a rising star in the world of motorsport.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu