Work hard. Play hard.

October 21, 2020

Team building is an essential part of successful cultural organization, as it reinforce relationship between team members outside the scope of work and provide recognition for a job well done.

At AIX we believe in performance and recognition, at such we recently hosted a “team building day” to bring fun, enjoyment and camaraderie.

And it is easy to have a relatively well gelled team when times are good, sales are flowing in and profits are trebling every year – the periods when companies will feel they can spend money on personal, leadership and team development. Yet in recessions, challenging times and periods of uncertainty, this is the time when this development is needed more than ever.

, Work hard. Play hard.

For the simple fact is that, no matter what bonuses an individual employee is on, the quality and effectiveness of a team working seamlessly together is one of the key factors that will result in a company overcoming major challenges– or achieving success. For there are very few employees in any organization in the world who work in a vacuum. So much of what we do is utterly dependent on a shared vision, objectives and goals – true listening, understanding – support and commitment, camaraderie and cohesion of a team we are part of.

That is why top sporting teams enlist the skills of an entire group of coaches, psychologists and development gurus to enable every sportsperson and their team to reach their fullest potential. Companies need to have the same mindset, if not the same scale of resources.

Everyone has a different DNA and are motivated by different objectives. Contrary to common belief, money is not the key factor in most people’s leaving of a company.

Real teamwork, team development and team coaching is too critical to be left to the “nice to haves” or a once-a-year “team building days.” It will largely determine your company’s success or failure and nowhere more vital than in challenging times. Give it the importance it – and your teams – deserve.

The bottom line, all good things to have in a corporate calendar and if you can’t have some fun alongside the relentless pressure of sales targets, profit targets and growth, then a company isn’t putting its employees first.