Seeking Financial Advice

February 6, 2020

A survey by CNBC and Acorns showed that only 17% of Americans manage their money with the help of a Financial Advisor, and the majority of those are over the age of 65. A bit of research will show that this trend of winging it when it comes to personal finance is not exclusive to the United States but is a worldwide phenomenon.
One of the key reasons people tend to stray away from financial advisors is their belief that they are either not wealthy enough or not old enough for an FA to take them on, or their fear that FA’s will charge them significant sums to help them in managing their portfolios. Here at AIX Investment Group, we believe that Financial Advice should be available to anyone seeking it, regardless of their age, status, or occupation. This is why we generally operate on a model of profit-sharing, where our gain comes only when we have created substantial value for our clients.
Contact us today to get in touch with one of our Financial Advisors who would be more than happy to help you take an active role in managing your finances.