Digital Assets are Recession-Proof!

April 22, 2020

“It’s exactly why bitcoin (BTC) was created,” Michael Novogratz, CEO of the Digital Assets-focused investment firm Galaxy Digital, told CNBC last week.

Most companies around the world with debt and equity rely on physical customers and physical locations, and almost always rely on supply chains (with the exception of certain e-commerce companies). Conversely, most Digital Assets companies and projects don’t have physical stores, customers or supply chains. They are the epitome of a “truly digital world.”

Digital Assets Most of the digital projects and companies appear to be immune to demand shocks and supply shocks.
In a fundamental way, digital assets are not actually losing value whereas the value of stocks and bonds is most definitely lower today than it was earlier this year.

It is about time that we realize the undisputable fact, that the digital era is gaining momentum, and might be of no surprise that Digital Assets becomes a major player in this new economical order, a testament of the same that set AIX in this path more than a decade ago, showing our investors highly lucrative returns. Yes it’s a volatile trading, but nevertheless on the opposite side of the coin, the financial reward could be so high, especially when you have a trading team that has been at the forefront of the digital revolution.

From an AIX Investment Group perspective, in the future, Bitcoin will act as Remittances for many people. Lack of knowledge can make the people buy Bitcoins as a safer mode of investment similar to Gold. With smartphone transactions, half of the world will march towards non-cash transactions by the year 2030. Digital Assets will replace Fiat currencies.

Luck favors the prepare minds, it’s not too late and surely, it’s about time that you look into it, no commitment and for free consultation you can reach out to one of our AIX Financial Advisors for deeper understanding of the opportunity in hand.