Q1 2022: A great start to the new year

April 1, 2022

Board Advisor’s Leadership Talk

A great start to the New Year

Dear Partners, Friends and Colleagues,
Firstly, as some of you might already be aware, I would like to start by welcoming our new partner on board – Rashid Khalaf Al Habtoor. Mr. Rashid is a prominent figure and has been actively contributing to the development of the UAE economy. He initially started his journey with AIX Investment Group as an investor and has personally witnessed the growth and success of our firm, which brought him to this new partnership.

From a global perspective, we once again find ourselves in unprecedented times both domestically and internationally. As we navigate this period of uncertainty, it is important to strengthen the UAE economy by keeping a competitive tax and regulatory environment. It is also important for policymakers to address inflation risks, by lowering tariffs, leading on trade, opening new markets, and attracting capital and tourism, making Dubai “the tourist destination of choice”. On a positive note, the overall economic outlook rose to the highest level in its 20-year history. I believe the current moment presents us with some significant opportunities to make some real changes.

Over the years we have developed formidable industry expertise while representing hundreds of family and entrepreneur owned businesses as well as extending our core geographic focus and reach. By sharing essential insights with you each quarter, we aim to provide you with information to assist your strategic decisions. Whether you are a family business, an entrepreneur, or a member of a corporate board, every day, our team of over 30+ Client Relationship Executives and Financial Advisors engage with you, our clients, to cater to your needs and financial objectives.

Towards the end of 2021 and more remarkably during our first quarter of 2022, we have increasingly witnessed a new approach, as more investors are making the decision to go to market, as the risk of waiting is starting to outweigh the upside of holding on. But in this discerning market, we think it is important not to generalize. A company’s specific situation, including its financial performance, leadership, transparency, market position, and the dynamics of its industry, should be a determining factor in the decision making, and we at AIX, have embedded those principles as the core of our management philosophy, that have proven year on year to be a winning formula.

One topic that is currently gaining a lot of traction and should not be left unchecked is “digitalization.” With crypto businesses expected to double in 2022, global industry sees exponential growth, predicting an explosion in web 3 based start-ups, creating a wave of new jobs and investment opportunities. The new initiative of the UAE government to legalize cryptocurrency and virtual asset classes provides a regulatory framework for businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies. Again, we see the UAE leading in this space and it will have an important role in shaping the future financial outlook and how business will be conducted from an economical perspective.

New Digital Assets Trading License from DMCC

In addition to our existing licenses, we acquired a new Digital Assets trading license from the renowned DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) early this year, as a part of our expansion strategy.

AIX Investment Group Celebrates Women

On this Women’s Day, AIX Investment Group brought all its female employees together for a special luncheon at the Burj al Arab to mark the occasion and celebrate their achievements. Women play a key role in organizational success and together with the world, AIX Investment Group strives to raise awareness against bias. They work towards creating a gender-equal workplace where women thrive and their achievements are recognized and celebrated throughout the year.

AIX Investment Group exhibits at Dubai International Boat Show

As part of the larger efforts to showcase its offerings to a community of local, regional and international investors, AIX Investment Group was one of the Dubai International Boat Show’s leading sponsors. The five-day event was held at the Dubai Harbour Marina, from Wednesday 9 to Sunday 13 March. The show was a gateway to reach people from different countries, diverse industries and the event showcased over 800 brands.

A Valued Partnership for AIX Investment Group

We are honoured to announce our partnership with Rashid Khalaf Al Habtoor, a prominent business pioneer of the United Arab Emirates and CEO of the esteemed Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises. Rashid is a knowledgeable and astute businessman, who has a keen insight to recognize opportunities and capitalize on them. He has established himself as a much sought-after strategic business partner, with over one hundred partnerships and joint ventures with both local and international companies. Through his education and experience, Mr. Rashid Al Habtoor has received a Leadership Award from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has also been honoured four times by Dubai Business Council, with the most recent award being for “Strategic Partnership in UAE’s developing Economy”.

Appreciation Trip to the Maldives

The year began with an exclusive trip where members of the AIX Investment Group team visited Hard Rock Hotel in the Maldives. The holiday spanned over four days and was part of our initiative to reward and appreciate the great work of our team’s contribution towards the success and growth of our firm.

Iker Casillas Academy, Goalkeeper’s Camp

AIX Investment Group is the proud main sponsor of the renowned Iker Casillas Academy Dubai, demonstrating its corporate social responsibility and engagement in activities that improve the social and sports well-being of the UAE community. This year two goalkeeper’s camps were in Dubai. They were led by the legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas and Real Madrid goalkeeper coach Juan Canales, in partnership with the ex Real Madrid legend Michel Salgado. The academy focuses on helping children and young professionals from around the world to succeed as athletes and professionals. Through this camp, the player feels like he is passing on a part of what he has learned. The other coaches and members of the technical staff for the camp were selected based on their expertise and experience.

Promising Tomorrow, by Reda Bouraoui

We are happy to share this insightful article on blockchain from one of our investor’s perspectives, Reda Bouraoui – a C-level executive and an alumnus of Harvard Business School.

Times of turmoil also unveil big ideas. Change is happening all at once; disrupting entire industries and threatening traditional market leaders and industry incumbents. Traditional investors continue to adopt safe strategies and benchmark/emulate success stories. This approach, although sounding reasonable, might be too conservative and counterproductive given the speed of change and the new pace of innovation. There are accelerating and converging breakthrough technologies. Invest in what will work … not in what has worked.

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Making a Mark in the Media

AIX Investment Group is proud to be featured on the cover of two notable publications in the past month. Investment is a level playing field – Gulf Business Magazine, February 2022 edition and Financial Freedom with AIX Investment Group – Business Emirates February – March 2022 edition.

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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs